A Friend For Forever

This Buzzfeed video had me bawling!

A pet takes over a special place in our hearts. They become a member of the family without anyone really ever realizing it. Before you know it, these wonderful companions are someone we cannot live without, and would dearly miss if they were gone.

This is the case for one dog in particular from Brooklyn New York. Her name is Harriet. Harriet was living in a pound in Brooklyn. They did an adoption drive and this young couple, Caldwell and Susanne found her. She immediately caught their attention and their hearts.

After bringing Harriet home, they found she was just the key to what they had been looking for. Having both grown up with dogs, they missed having that companionship. Harriet is playful, adorable, and we cannot live without her, says the couple in an interview.

Harriet seems to feel the same way about her newly found people. Every time they leave the room, and eyebrow is raised and she waits eagerly for the return of her person. Sometimes she will crawl up on the sofa and hog most of it just to be near her people when they are watching tv. 

She will also go into the bedroom at night and curl up at the foot of the bed and wait for the sun to come up, and her people to walk her and play with her. It seems that between pooch and people, the three are an inseparable trio. 

It is truer that Harriet’s life has been changed for the better. But the same is true for the couple that adopted her. Stress levels are down, they are now safer from intruders because Harriet is there, and they will always have a friend who will listne and love them unconditionally.

Susane and Caldwell are very grateful to the shelter and the event that introduced them to their new friend. They cannot imagine a day or a minute without having Harriet nearby. Leaving for work, or even going to the grocery store leaves all three wishing that they could be together. Chores have to be done though.

Adopting Harriet changed their lives forever. A dog is a special companion that can be matched by no other. Although, if adopting a dog (or any other pet) be sure that you are able to meet the demands and needs of that pet. These are forever friends and they feel the stress and anxiety of abandonment when an adoption does not work out.


Finding the Good Whenever We Can

When I go about my daily life, it can be hard to pay attention to the good that is around me. It can be hard to turn my attention away from the bad that is going on and all of the negative that is in the news and instead focus on the good. I know that life is full of both good and bad things, but it can be hard to truly focus on the good. It can be difficult to pay attention to the good instead of the bad, and that is why I am happy that I took the time to read a special article on Mindful.org.

When there is so much wrong in the world, it can be hard to focus on the right. When there is so much bad in the world, it can be hard to pay attention to the good. The article that I ready shared about how we need to be focusing on the good, not just the bad. This article referenced a police officer who went out expecting to find bad, but instead found good. There is a lot of good out there, when we are willing to open our eyes and look for it, and we need to be paying attention to that good. We need to take the time to focus on the positive in a world that includes a lot of negative. It is important that we look for the good, rather than just focus on the bad.

Why should we focus on the good? What happens when we turn our attention to the good instead of the bad? Things start to improve. When we change the way that we are looking at things, things aren’t so bad anymore. When we focus on the good instead of the bad, the world becomes a brighter place. When we try to pay attention to all of the good things that surround us, rather than focus on the bad things that take place in the world, we live happier, brighter lives. The article that I read encouraged me to take the time to focus on the good, rather than just paying attention to the bad.

Check out this special article on Mindful

Jill Duggar-Dillard Is The Next Member Of The Family To Be Under The Radar

First son Josh has been accused of horrid crimes, but now daughter Jill Dillard is under the gun. It appears that she and her husband Dillion Dillard might be scamming their fans out of money. It’s true that when the Duggar girls were courting and got engaged and then married, the ratings for the popular television show went through the roof. Knowing they have a big fan base and now no television show, the Dillard family used their resources, so they say.

The Dillards have a charity they call “Dillard Family Ministries.” They are using this as a tool to raise money as the couple goes overseas to help those in need. The real problem came about when some fans who had been giving money to this organization check with the IRS to see if they were listed as a legitimate business. The family had stated on several occasions that they were listed with the IRS and registered a tax-exempt company. However, the records at the IRS didn’t match the statements made by the Dillards. This had many fans seeing red, especially since they thought they were funding missionary trips, and it appears they weren’t.

The Dillards haven’t made a comment on this case. However, a member for the IRS said the business was registered, yet when checked through other methods, there was no record of the business. This could be a coincidence, or this could be a big problem about to be uncovered. It was explained that the IRS doesn’t always update the site right on time, so there could be a small delay in the reporting. In other news, the Dillard’s wouldn’t even be going overseas if the drama here in the states hadn’t been too much for them to bear.

With all the drama surrounding Josh Duggar and the rest of the family, it appears that jumping ship might be a smart option. It wasn’t long after things blew up that the family decided to leave the rest of the brood and join the mission fields. The Duggar family has been active in missions before and this wouldn’t have been a real surprise if the timing had been a bit better. They just had a son at the beginning of the year and taking a baby to another country can be a dangerous experience. A child that is around 6 months in age is more susceptible to all sorts of diseases. With the state of the world too, begin so far away from their family is something that they probably didn’t choose lightly.

No official decision has been made about the history of “19 Kids and Counting” and if it would return or be put on a shelf. However, there is quite a large fan base that still wants the show to come back. Consequently, given all the secrets that have been dug up due to the investigations, it is highly unlikely that TLC will even air a Duggar program of any kind again.

Preparing for Disaster on the West Coast

If you’ve followed any kind of scientific news for the past decade or two, you know that there is the possibility that a large earthquake could hit the west coast. The likelihood that this happening soon is even more evident as there have been reports that activity might be picking up in the area. There is a fault line several miles long that stretches from Oregon to California. This fault line could be the defeat of the west coast if there were to be a significant earthquake that occurs. 

Picture a peaceful day when everything seems normal. Suddenly, buildings begin shaking, cars start leaving the side of the road, and bridges begin to collapse. That’s what could happen if a large earthquake hits the area. The questions isn’t if it will happen. The questions is when it will happen. There have been several small earthquakes, possibly leading up to the large event. Areas of the west coast see seismic activity every day. This is to prepare residents of the coast for something so extraordinary that it has only been seen in movies. 

This is a time when researchers and officials need to prepare. They need to have emergency preparations in place before the earthquake strikes so that as many people as possible can be helped. There could be a tsunami as a result of the earthquake. Roads could open up, swallowing cars. Pieces of land could separate. You’ve likely seen this kind of event in a movie, but it’s something that will occur in the United States at some point as fault lines remain active. Thousands of people could die, and the structure of the west coast could change. All that anyone can do now is prepare and ensure that they have a place to go that is away from the coast.

Joseph Bismark — Bringing Spirituality into Marketing

One of the main purposes for Joseph Bismark in business is to show his employees that business and spirituality can work when combined together. Joseph Bismark is a very spirited and positive person who serves on the Board of Directors for QI Group of Companies. He has been able to raise them to the top of the ladder while working with them by showing them his ways of bringing spirituality and business together as one. He is a wonderful and powerful entrepreneur who has helped millions make a profit by using the way he combines business and spirituality together with his many business ideas. He firmly believes that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” and carries this belief with everything he does.

Joseph Bismark became a monk up in the mountains of the Philippines at the small age of nine, leaving his home and family and all their luxuries to live the life of a monk and take the name Japa das. He then began his life’s journey and lived in an ashram until he became seventeen years of age. When he returned home, he decided he wanted to enter into the corporate arena and share what he had learned in the business world. He joined the world of business and used everything he had learned and that led him to be a successful businessman. Joseph Bismark took over the position of Managing Director of the QI Group of Companies in late 2008 and then went on to start the business he called Qnet.

He then started the RHYTHM foundation which became a company that helped lead them into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) part of the company. He believes in the strength of team work and believes very strongly in his visions. He believes that the power to be successful is inside of everyone and that all each person needs is someone to reach out to them or encouraging them to push and succeed. He is a man who understands what it takes to run a business and he wants the people in his company with the company and him. The qualities he has have made him very popular within Qnet in and a large number of his employees sing his praises.

Joseph Bismark has become very successful while still being able to maintain his simple way of life, his humility and the way he keeps himself grounded, he has been able to be successful without changing any of his core values. He believes a healthy lifestyle and has passed that onto the employees he works with. He feels that success is a temporary thing; that his state of mind has allowed him to be able to stay positive and be able to think ahead of others in the business game. He treats all of his employees with the respect he feels they deserve and encourages an atmosphere of family and brotherhood. He is a true source of inspiration to millions of people all over the world.

His tries to always make sure that when expressing his attitude, thoughts, and actions that they always reflect what he learned when he lived in the ashram when he was young. He wants to teach people that success is not measured just by the material things you acquire but also by your spiritual awakening, inner peace and your very meaningful, selfless service to others. His entrepreneurial spirit shows with his ties to many different organizations and his endless devotion, time, and effort when working with the RHYTHM foundation. While currently living in Singapore, Joseph Bismark continues to teach his beliefs and experiences to everyone he deals with by expressing his teachings with books, his blogs, and plenty of hard work.

To find out more about his beliefs, his spiritual awakening, inner peace and a very meaningful, selfless service to others, and his reflections on life, visit his blog www.gemsofwisdom.net

You can also follow the Gems of Wisdom Twitter

The Business Leader with a Spiritual Touch, Joseph Bismark.

Every business owner’s dream is to be successful and climb to the summit of the corporate ladder. This task is difficult to achieve and takes more than just hard work. It requires patience and a positive mind set. Every business owner has a different ideology on how to operate his business and Mr. Joseph Bismark is no exception.
The versatile and talented Joseph Bismark is a business guru and entrepreneur. He lives by the mantra “Change the game, do not let the game change you”. He has changed the corporate game by proving that business works better, when spirituality is applied. He believes that when you use your spirituality, you are able to create an environment that is conducive for growth. Such an environment is an inspiration to employees as they recognize the need for working together in a cordial relationship and peaceful co-existence. Bismarck learnt this philosophy at a tender age of nine when he left his comfortable and luxurious life to go stay in an ashram with monks. This ashram was located in the Philippines Mountains. He stayed there for many years and eventually left the ashram at the age of seventeen.
Armed with the spirituality lessons, Joseph Bismark joined the world of business. He attributes his successful climb in the corporate world to the spirituality lessons, which helped him view business in a different way. He believes that succeeding in business is possible provided an individual believes in the peaceful ways of working and brotherhood. Bismark was instrumental in co-founding the QI group of companies in 1998 using his spiritual business practices. Later in the year 2008, he successfully became the managing director of the company.
Owing to his believes in spirituality, Bismark has been able to make strides in the business front. Besides co-founding QI, he also co-founded the RHYTHM foundation. This foundation is considered as the corporate social responsibility wing of the main company. Bismark promotes spiritual growth through this foundation by spending time at the center and planning diverse activities while at the foundation.
Without changing his core principles or his character, Bismark is able to live a successful life but in his eyes, it is a simple life. The family man has gained reputation for treating his colleagues and employees as equals. He instills the benefits of teamwork and its strength to his employees. Bismark asserts that every person has the ability to be successful. In order to prove his argument he leads from the front by providing that bridge in the form of being an inspiration to his employees.
Since he took up the managing director role in 2008, Bismark has improved the company’s reputation locally and internationally. His immense contributions to the QI group of companies have seen the company grow and expand to different continents of the world. He is responsible for the organic and wellness foods that are manufactured by the QI Company. His style of management makes him unique and different from other business moguls. He encourages other corporate bosses to incorporate spirituality in their business practices. The aspect of spirituality serves to boost productivity and growth of both the employees and organization.
Joseph Bismark is more than just an entrepreneur; he is a yoga instructor, a bonsai master and renown Vedic philosopher. He is also a philanthropist who dedicates his time and money to worthy causes. His interests include reading and martial arts. He is an avid follower of the absolute truth and he deeply loves the Lord. Currently, Bismark is based in Singapore where he oversees the company while inspiring people with his books and blogs.
Bismark has a wealth of experience in business and spirituality. He believes that other leaders should embrace spirituality with the view to enhancing their organizational success. By following the principles of spirituality, peaceful coexistence within different organizations is achievable.

The Spiritual Tycoon – Joseph Bismark
Joseph Bismark is a Singapore-based Co-founder of the Ql Limited which was founded in 1998. Joseph Bismark was an instrumental person in the establishment of a strong foundation for the Company. He took over leadership as the Managing Director since December 2008. He is a very endowed, flexible and energetic leader. He abides by the code that “everybody has the ability to do amazing things and that all they need is that first push.” His vision has facilitated in marketing the company’s brand and image among its wide range of customers.

Along with Vijay Eswaran, he manages the company with an open and very highly advice-giving administration style. This style is fastened around the code of belief of his Vedic viewpoints. He advocates for healthy living and he is the main reason why his company focuses on wellness and plant foods. He also happens to believe in spiritual growth and is therefore responsible for the activities of the RHYTHM foundation which is also an arm of the Ql Group.
Mr. Bismark left the comfort and luxury of his home at a very tender age of nine to become a monk in the mountains of the Philippines where he stayed until he was seventeen. He then joined the corporate world thereafter but had the principles he learnt in ashram with him. His work is the real evidence that truly spirituality and business can work as a concrete group. He knows what it takes to run a business having being in business industry for more than 15 years and he wants people to grow alongside him and his trade. He also promotes for team building and being focused on his vision. His very many qualities has made him a dear among the employees of the Ql Group of companies with most of them singing his praises.
He is grounded in nature, humble and has a very simple way of living. He has had a taste of success but his values have remained unbroken. He accept as true that success is typically very temporary a state and he believes in positivity and a forward way of thinking rather than getting comfortable with a little taste of success. He is a staunch advocate for respect and the spirit of comradeship. This has made him a great motivation among many people around the world. His actions prove that success is not only measured by the amount of material thing you own but also spiritual growth, peace of mind and significant selflessness.
Joseph Bismark has inspired many new entrepreneurs through his blog Gems of Wisdom. Through this blog he talks about his thoughts and reflections about life. He believes that that the physical body does not define who we are but rather we are defined by understanding our identity as spirit souls.
The business industry as we all know can be very difficult, competitive and demanding. Climbing up the ladder is a big dream that not many get to achieve. What many fail to put into consideration is that to run a successful business a lot of other things matter rather than material things. They fail to put consideration into the unified environment, peace of mind, spirituality and enhancing the spirit of brotherhood that are more essential. Joseph Bismark has however proven that corporate success and spirituality are to go hand in hand if one is to achieve ultimate success. He has lead the Ql Group of companies to great lengths of success by being inventive, self-motivated having a persistent spirit and of course being spiritual. He has managed to catch the eyes of the world with his new approach to business and very highly dynamic and profitable ideas.

Y’all… The Suicide Squad Trailer Is Online!

The leaked trailer for Suicide Squad has now been released online, and it is safe to say that it is a promising look at the upcoming DC Extended Universe. For one thing, the trailer shows a lot of beautiful shots and cinematography. There are a lot of characters that are very interesting mostly because they are Batman Villains. The overall production design is amazing, giving a look and feel that is reminiscent of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and showing even hints of films such as Blade Runner. The overall tone is very gritty and looks like it might even get an R rating. 

It seems that Warner Bros and DC is getting ready to change the game with not one but two upcoming films. There isBatman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder. Then of course there is Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer, who helmed Fury. The one thing that sets Suicide Squad apart from the other comic book films is that this is a team of villains. It is like an Avengers but only for antagonists. The team consists of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and other characters. Killer Croc has a good design. Many people who have seen the trailer view the appearance of Killer Croc as one of the highlights of the clip. 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is another significant game changer. It has two of the most iconic figures of the DC heroes roster fighting against each other. It also features Wonder Woman and Aquaman. As the title suggests, the film marks the foundation of the Justice League. It is reported that the upcoming Man of Steel sequel has been filmed partially in IMAX. This parallels Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy when the first film was shot regularly and the subsequent films have been filmed partially in IMAX. Both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad are going to be released for the Summer season with Dawn of Justice scheduled for March 16, 2016 and Suicide Squad scheduled for August 2016.

Obama Holds Press Conference to Defend Iranian Nuclear Deal

Over the past few weeks, international talks between Iran and the United States have finally come to a nuclear agreement. This has also included other negotiators from five key nations. Today, President Obama outlined this agreement in a press conference. He was joined by Vice President Joe Biden and members of the national security team.

In order to have an official agreement with Iran, Obama and his team need the support of Congress. His defense was laid out today in the press conference. During the negotiations, there has been opposition by both political parties in Washington. During his speech, the president asked if anyone else had any better solutions that the one that is being proposed. He denounced a reporter’s question regarding a concern about abandoning American prisoners in Iran. Obama stated that war may be the only solution if this nuclear agreement was not approved. He said that he keeps hearing that the agreement is a “bad deal”.

The Republic majority has already voiced their objection to the Iranian deal. Many of them are skeptical that such a deal would make any improvements with shaky situations in the Middle East. They are not sure Iran would keep to their bargain and only use nuclear technology for peaceful production of energy. Such skepticism was being quoted from the House Speaker’s office. Even more worrisome to Obama’s defense is that several high-level members of his own party have expressing their pessimism over the agreement.

As written, this agreement is in the form of a quid pro quo. If the United States will lift hefty sanctions that have been placed on Iran for decades, then Iran will agree to minimize their nuclear program. They will agree to use any nuclear research and development for energy sources. Skeptics point out that Iranian-sponsored terrorism can still be possible and they would have more ability to build a bomb and possibly not honor their agreement. Obama conceded that there were still issues, but no agreement is going to completely fix everything. Congressional attempt to foil the negotiation work would be met with a presidential veto, Obama warned.

The only pause President Obama took on the Iranian subject was to quickly address sexual allegations that have been rallied against actor/comedian Bill Cosby. He was firm in his conviction that using a drug to disarm someone for non-consensual sex is rape and that is how any civilized nation would fell, he stated. 
The majority of this press conference still dealt with the nuclear agreement. It was also reported that Vice-President Biden was working with his Democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives to back the President and the international negotiators by approving the deal. 

There was a lot of world reaction to the president’s defense. Israel, which has had a long history of bitter relations with Iran, is skeptical most of the agreement. Leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worry that such deals with Iran could still allow them to build an atomic bomb. There is also no assurance that Iran will stop backing terrorism in neighboring Middle East nations, like war-torn Syria.