Reclaiming Wellness with Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark likely isn’t a household name, at least not quite yet. Bismark is the Managing Director of QI Group and he has been in the position for the better part of the last seven years. His work has been lauded thanks to his energetic approach in the office while his work outside of the office, focusing on health and wellness, has made him something of a guru. In fact, Bismark is getting enough attention that he got brought in for a feature on asPire Magazine, recently reported by Yahoo News.

Looking at last month’s profile on Joseph Bismark, you’ll see a serene man who is comfortable in his skin and more than comfortable working it until he sweats. Bismark told asPire Magazine that it is his dedication to mental and physical well being that allows him to keep going even when times are stressful and he is mentally drained. Bismark said that he believes in the “importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can.” Looking at his day to day routine it is easy to see that Bismark lives by that belief and that commitment. Let’s look at a few ways that Bismark keeps his body and mind in the right place.

To start, Bismark likes to focus on keeping his mind and his body in a flexible shape that allows them both to adapt to new situations as they arise. This means that Bismark focuses extensively on practicing Yoga and various cardio based exercises such as running, cycling, and even swimming. Bismark told writers at asPire that he “walks the talk” by focusing on “yoga asasnas, cycling, and swimming.”

Yoga, in fact, is such a way of life for Bismark that he is already considered a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark has focused on learning the ins and outs of the physical meditation and he is always ready with a book suggestion to to those that want to learn. His most recent book was “Anatomy of Yoga” by Dr. Abilgal Ellsworth because the title focused on diagrams, explanations, and work for both breathing and focusing on your spine. When he isn’t reading about Yoga he is practicing it with a SoundClound account that is uploaded with mantras and chants.

What Bismark does outside of the office, focusing on his well being, helps to impact the work he does inside. His commitment to physical, mental, and spiritual health has been an instrumental tool in his success.

Rescued Dogs Have Hope for a Better Life

I am supportive of the practice of dog breeding as long as the breeder knows what they are doing and keep the dogs in healthy conditions. Unfortunately, the industry has to be heavily regulated because not all breeders care for their animals with the proper compassion and attention to detail. These regulations paid off when 150 dogs seized from a breeder in Ordway, Colorado were taken in by the Denver Dumb Friends League on Friday, August 21st.

The Dumb Friends League may be the closest shelter with enough capacity to handle an influx of new animals, but I still applaud their decision to help. Even as a non-profit with a considerable number of volunteers working for them, I imagine the board and continued care for so many new animals is a considerable financial commitment. I hope these dogs all find forever homes soon!

Originally, the Denver shelter agreed to take in 142 but two of the females were pregnant and subsequently gave birth to 4 puppies each. The dogs are all small to mid-sized and purebred.

Twenty will be cared for in foster homes until they are old enough to be adopted. Megan Rees, a spokesperson for the DFL stated that, “”We’re also working with Denver Animal Shelter and a couple other partners to transfer some of the dogs out to them for adoption.” Some of them have been adopted already while others are receiving much needed dental and medical care to reverse the damage done by their inhumane conditions.

I am heartened by the swift action taken by the governing authorities in this instance. As a taxpayer, and generally jaded individual, seeing our government act with pure intentions and execute those intentions without negative consequences or bureaucratic backlog makes me smile.

Human interest stories frankly fail to interest me, but the fact that these sweet, innocent animals which were bred and raised into circumstances beyond their control are finally getting a chance at a good life goes beyond human interest. Perhaps the news people should consider an “animal interest” category for their articles and news segments.

The puppies available to the public for adoption can be viewed through DFL’s website,and the site for the Denver Animal Shelter. The original article is from Denver’s Channel 7 News website.

The Vacation Donation

One brilliant and socially aware group of developers have decided to make it easier for vacation spots to receive donations that they need. It will help in doing so with a recently founded website that will tell traveling tourists what their vacation destinations need for their local charities. Not many who travel focus on what local charities might need, but with this new website, travelers will have a another good reason to visit different countries all over the world. The online platform is still in its production phase and will be launched as soon as possible. The website is based in London and also comes with an app for smartphones. Travita will help connect travelers with different local charities for their vacation destinations. The website and application just one of the Sabre Hackathon contest in London. The grand prize was 10,000 British pounds. The money will go to help develop a prototype for the charity application.
For an application in a website that will surely change lives, it is rather simple how it works. The website will inform travelers of the many items that their destination charities will need. It will monitor what products and donations these charities need the most of and will alert the travelers of a drop off point that is stationed at the airport. Travelers will not have to find the charities which will make it incredibly easy and incredibly efficient to donate much-needed goods. After the travelers donate their products the local charity will be contacted through text message when they are able to pick up the donations. The developers of the Travita website and application will make it easier and more reliable for people who want to make a difference in the world. One of the app developers mentioned that those who travel can be reluctant to donate money to charity in other countries. Because they are not local citizens they are not sure where the money is being sent. Instead of leaving tourists to be unsure of their donations, the Travita app will allow tourists to donate what a country needs the most and will get rid of the need of any monetary donations. Basic necessities that can be donated are toiletries, hygiene products, school supplies, and even textbooks. Many of these items are extremely expensive in other countries and it is difficult for rural citizens or poor citizens to gain access to these products. Travelers can use the donations to make sure that individuals all over the world are playing on an even playing field.
One of the developer of the Travita website sat down with the Huffington Post and talked about how exciting a future for this app truly is. One of the best aspects of the application is that the web developers will be able to keep donors up to date with what the charities are doing. With use of a social media channel, the website will post regular updates from the different charities and will show those who made donations how their products are being used. Even though the website has yet to be concrete, the developers are hoping to share this opportunity with charities all around the world.

A 100 Year-Old Message In A Bottle Finally Reaches Its Destination

Beach lovers often walk along the beach to reflect on life, and feel the peace that the sea offers its guests, or to find a shell or two that isn’t broken. Along with the shells, the seaweed, the carcasses of fish and the washed up jellyfish, there might be a treasure of some kind that other beachcombers missed so in the process of reflecting every beach lover’s eyes are constantly moving from scene to scene. Finding a message in a bottle is a treat that few beach lovers ever find, but that is exactly what happened recently when a couple spotted an old bottle on the beach of the German island of Amrum. The bottled looked old, and there was a postcard inside, so it didn’t take the couple long to open the bottle and read the postcard that was written in English.

The postcard wasn’t a long lost love letter or an SOS, but it was old. The postcard simply said: “Please send this postcard back to Marine Biological Association of the U.K. let us know when and where you found it and receive a one shilling reward.” The couple didn’t waste any time honoring the postcard’s request. They wanted to know the history of the bottle and the postcard like any inquisitive beachcombers would. What they found out was not what they expected.The bottle had been tossed into the North Sea more than 100 years ago. In fact, the bottle may be the oldest message in a bottle ever found.

According to the Huffington Post, a spokesman for the Marine Biological Association of the U.K said more than 1,000 bottles like the one found were tossed into the North Sea sometime between 1904 and 1906.The bottles were weighed down so they could float just above the sea bed. The bottles were actually part of a sea current study. Most of the bottles were recovered years ago by fisherman trawling for fish.

The Marine Biological Association is asking the Guinness Book of Records to recognize the bottle as the oldest ever found. The oldest bottle on record was released in 1914 and was found in 2013.

This story is a beach lover’s dream, and the couple on the beach in Amrum is now enjoying an “old Schilling,” and the bragging rights for finding the oldest message in a bottle.

Bravery Halts Terrorism on a French Train

In a world that is sometimes harsh and violent, I enjoy finding news that shows the inner strength and bravery in people around the world. Last week, there was a very good example of these positive traits during an event when a man tried to take a train hostage. Four train passengers, who were three Americans and one British man by nationality, foiled the terrorist’s attempt when they stopped him in his tracks by taking control of his assault rifle and restraining him before he could harm the train’s passengers. I see this as a true act of bravery and selflessness by these men whose actions assuredly saved many lives.
I am definitely not the only one who feels a great sense of appreciation for these valiant men. The President of France, François Hollande gave these four men the highest honor, which is called the Legion d’honneur. The BBC News articlehighlights the ceremony as well as the train terror attack. Hollande graciously thanks these brave men and goes on to explain, “The whole world admires your bravery. It should be an example to all of us and inspire us. You put your lives at risk in order to defend freedom”, in a quote included in the article.
This statement sums up my thoughts about these courageous men as well, especially in an era where too many people do not help others in need.
All people, regardless of race, nationality, religion or ethnicity, need help at one time or another. As a member of the human race, I feel it is my duty to help others when it is possible, and I believe these brave men must have the same thought process. They saw the danger at hand, but chose to protect the others on the train while putting themselves in harm’s way. Unfortunately, and more often than not, this does not occur.
Many people in the world are only out to save themselves, and that was probably what the Moroccan terrorist was hoping would occur on this French train. Now, we all know that was not the outcome, and can all see how positive our world looks when we take care of each other when faced with evil’s ugly head. The Los Angeles Times also wrote an article about the attack on this train in France. Again, praises for these positive heroes are given and with these praises come hope for a future of compassion around the world.

Japanese engineer invents ‘car in a bag’

A Japanese company has invented what it calls a “car in a bag,” and could be a personal transportation device, according to a story on Yahoo news by Reuters.

The company is Cocoa Motors and released the product recently in Tokya. The “Walk Car” is about the size of a laptop and looks a little like a skateboard. It weighs less than six pounds and can be easily carried when not being ridden.

It can carry a person who weighs up to 265 pounds, and the developer said it could be used to pull a wheelchair. The device run smoothly over flat surfaces and can go just over 6 miles per hour. In its present state it will carry a person 7.4 miles between charges. It runs on lithium batteries.

The device can fit into a book bag, just like a laptop, when not in use. Developers said the idea came from studying electric car control systems.

“I thought, “what if we could just carry our transportation in our bags, wouldn’t that mean we’d always have our transportation with us to ride on?” and my friend asked me to make one, since I was doing my masters in engineering specifically on electric car motor control systems,“ inventor and Twenty-six-year-old Kuniako Satoe told Reuters.

The Walk Car is set to go on sale in Japan in the fall, and will cost around $800. Shipping is expected to begin next spring. He is looking for crowdsource funding to get the device mass marketed.

In a BBC article, Satoe said often things are invented in the United States and improved on once they reach Japan. He said he wanted to show the world that the Japanese can also invent devices.

The walk car starts running when a person steps on it, and stops when a person sets off. A rider can switch directions by shifting his or her body weight on the device.

Blind Mother Sees Her Child For The First Time

I read an article about a blind mother who was given the chance to finally see her child with the help of special technology. In today’s world where technology is constantly growing, you never know what could happen next and what could be possible in the world. 

Kathy Beitz is a blind woman and suffers from Stargardt disease. This inherited form of juvenile oracular deformation. She was not born blind, but eventually she lost her sight due to the disease as a child when she was growing up. With the help of eSight, a brand new device that allows the blind to see and have some type of sight, she was finally able to see what her child looks like. She explained that it was the first child she has even seen, and that since it is her baby, it made it that much more special.

Kathy looked at the baby’s toes, hands, and what the looked like. For those precious moments, she saw her child and marveled at his existence. Kathy’s sister took video of the entire moment and the video was uploaded to YouTube. As the father held the baby, she got to see what he looked like as well. 

This technology is going to shape the world and change how people “see” technology. In fact, Kathy’s sister Yvonne hopes to raise enjoy money so that Kathy could now take home the device to use on daily basis to watch her child grow up. They hope to help spread the word to others so that more and more people who are legally blind get the chance to finally see again. The opportunities are endless in the world of technology, and eSight is changing the world one person at a time.

It makes me wonder what other amazing things can be accomplished to help humanity improve their lives. The power of technology is changing the world, and who knows what scientists and engineers come up next to help more people.

Kathy is just one example of a miracle taking place using eSight. Other people are finally getting the chance to see. The video of Kathy meeting her child is so heartwarming and exciting at the same time, and just witnessing a blind person seeing her child is so beautiful. Only time will tell before another history-making device or machine helps more people in the world to live an even more richer life.