[META] The Auto-Mod went crazy!

As many of you might have noticed, A LOT of posts were getting removed immediately after posting. This was due to an error in our Auto-moderator, and I apologize for anybody who got caught on the wrong side of misguided robots!I have went through the recent cue and approved anything I could find which was accidentally stifled by the auto-mod. The issue was related to the recent wave of bans I instituted on the bot accounts that were spamming the subreddit. For some reason, auto-mod thought I was upset about imgur posts and wanted them all banned. But I had a talk with it, and it should be working as intended now!Sorry again about the inconvience, and if any of your posts get caught in the spam filter again, PLEASE message me and I’ll get them approved ASAP!EDIT: Also, we have several dozen new images from within the last 2-3 weeks that I found and approved. Please take some time and show some love for everybody who got beat down by the evil auto-mod! via /r/lookatmydog

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