[META] Changes and updates coming! PLEASE READ!

Hello there!My name is HellStandsStill, and I am your newest moderator right here at /r/lookatmydog! It’s a privilege to be here, so let’s get right down to business!As many of you have noticed, there has been a HUGE surge in bots posting here over the last few weeks. These bots mostly repost highly upvoted images from imgur and top subreddits like /r/aww and /r/pics. These sorts of posts are not allowed, and I’ve begun the work of banning these bots and removing the posts, so bare with me as I clean up the town!I feel this a good time to remind people about the rules here, thus giving us all a clear understanding of what’s expected. We have only a few, but we will be enforcing them as needed to keep this subreddit filled with OC and free of reposts and karma whoring!1. ORIGINAL CONTENT ONLY! The subreddit is called Look At My Dog, not Look At This Dog From The Front Page. We don’t mind if you posts your significant other’s canine, your relative’s, your friends, or even the canines at the shelter you volunteer at! But you should know the animal you are posting the content of personally. We want to be a fun way to share loved ones, and not a page of reposts from Wikipedia and /r/all!2. MEDIA POSTS ONLY! This means you can submit pics, gifs, or vids. Text posts have been disabled here to make it easier to get straight to the adorable content on both mobile and desktop browsers. If you have any questions about the subreddit, please use the sidebar to message a moderator about your concerns! I’m on here every day, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. I promise!3. BEHAVE YOURSELVES! This one should be pretty simple. Don’t be an ass! Feel free to comment on posts, ask questions, and ask for verifcation if you feel the OP might be reposting somebody else’s content. But be respectful! We want a well-mannered community that users of all backgrounds and ages can enjoy!I’ll be working to clean this place up over the next several weeks. I’m reworking the sidebar, as well as options for reporting bots and stolen content. Hopefully we’ll have a beautiful new layout soon as well!AND ONE LAST THING!If you have a good familiarity with CSS and reddit styling, please give me a message! I am looking for somebody to help redesign the subreddit to have a smooth, crisp look with a canine twist.Thanks to all of you for listening, and let’s make this subreddit the best it can be! via /r/lookatmydog