Family travelss 13,000 miles to see the Pope

An Argentinian family drove 13,000 miles from their home in Beunos Aires to see the Pope in Philadelphia as the Pope visited the United States. They made the trip as a great adventure, taking six months to make the drive in a Volkswagen micro-bus. They not only got to see the Pope, they also met him and talked with him as an added bonus.

The family, Catire Walker, 41, his wife, Noel Zemborain, 39, and their four children, ages 3 to 12, got a phone call early in the morning and were surprised they had been invited to meet the Pope. They never expected to get the call, and they rushed to get ready and went to meet the Pope, still not quiet believing it was true.

“You are crazy,” the Pope, who is also from Buenos Aires, told the family as he joked with them, according to an article on the Washington Post.

The family said the Pope was very warm and friendly. The Pope had been following their journey on the Facebook account they had set up to keep friends posted about their progress on the trip. They made 13 border crossings during the trip.

To make the trip they drove across Argentina to Chile and up the west coast of South America, through Mexico, and went through New Orleans before heading to Philadelphia. They made many stops and saw a lot of sights. They home schooled their children along the way. There were a few breakdowns, one in Guatamala left them stuck for three weeks, and there was another breakdown in Delaware. There were several minor breakdowns, they said, and their faith that they would make the trip rose and fell at various times along the way.

They stayed with many host families along the way, and said they were grateful for financial support they had received as they made the trip. They had been hoping to make a long vacation trip, but were busy with raising children and working jobs that left them little time. When they heard the Pope was coming to the United States, they decided to take the plunge. They both quit their jobs, loaded up the micro bus and set out on their journey.

They will be going back to Miama and will fly home from there. “This was a trip of hope,” Noel Zemborain said last week just before they got to Philadelphia.

The Vacation Donation

One brilliant and socially aware group of developers have decided to make it easier for vacation spots to receive donations that they need. It will help in doing so with a recently founded website that will tell traveling tourists what their vacation destinations need for their local charities. Not many who travel focus on what local charities might need, but with this new website, travelers will have a another good reason to visit different countries all over the world. The online platform is still in its production phase and will be launched as soon as possible. The website is based in London and also comes with an app for smartphones. Travita will help connect travelers with different local charities for their vacation destinations. The website and application just one of the Sabre Hackathon contest in London. The grand prize was 10,000 British pounds. The money will go to help develop a prototype for the charity application.
For an application in a website that will surely change lives, it is rather simple how it works. The website will inform travelers of the many items that their destination charities will need. It will monitor what products and donations these charities need the most of and will alert the travelers of a drop off point that is stationed at the airport. Travelers will not have to find the charities which will make it incredibly easy and incredibly efficient to donate much-needed goods. After the travelers donate their products the local charity will be contacted through text message when they are able to pick up the donations. The developers of the Travita website and application will make it easier and more reliable for people who want to make a difference in the world. One of the app developers mentioned that those who travel can be reluctant to donate money to charity in other countries. Because they are not local citizens they are not sure where the money is being sent. Instead of leaving tourists to be unsure of their donations, the Travita app will allow tourists to donate what a country needs the most and will get rid of the need of any monetary donations. Basic necessities that can be donated are toiletries, hygiene products, school supplies, and even textbooks. Many of these items are extremely expensive in other countries and it is difficult for rural citizens or poor citizens to gain access to these products. Travelers can use the donations to make sure that individuals all over the world are playing on an even playing field.
One of the developer of the Travita website sat down with the Huffington Post and talked about how exciting a future for this app truly is. One of the best aspects of the application is that the web developers will be able to keep donors up to date with what the charities are doing. With use of a social media channel, the website will post regular updates from the different charities and will show those who made donations how their products are being used. Even though the website has yet to be concrete, the developers are hoping to share this opportunity with charities all around the world.

Bravery Halts Terrorism on a French Train

In a world that is sometimes harsh and violent, I enjoy finding news that shows the inner strength and bravery in people around the world. Last week, there was a very good example of these positive traits during an event when a man tried to take a train hostage. Four train passengers, who were three Americans and one British man by nationality, foiled the terrorist’s attempt when they stopped him in his tracks by taking control of his assault rifle and restraining him before he could harm the train’s passengers. I see this as a true act of bravery and selflessness by these men whose actions assuredly saved many lives.
I am definitely not the only one who feels a great sense of appreciation for these valiant men. The President of France, François Hollande gave these four men the highest honor, which is called the Legion d’honneur. The BBC News articlehighlights the ceremony as well as the train terror attack. Hollande graciously thanks these brave men and goes on to explain, “The whole world admires your bravery. It should be an example to all of us and inspire us. You put your lives at risk in order to defend freedom”, in a quote included in the article.
This statement sums up my thoughts about these courageous men as well, especially in an era where too many people do not help others in need.
All people, regardless of race, nationality, religion or ethnicity, need help at one time or another. As a member of the human race, I feel it is my duty to help others when it is possible, and I believe these brave men must have the same thought process. They saw the danger at hand, but chose to protect the others on the train while putting themselves in harm’s way. Unfortunately, and more often than not, this does not occur.
Many people in the world are only out to save themselves, and that was probably what the Moroccan terrorist was hoping would occur on this French train. Now, we all know that was not the outcome, and can all see how positive our world looks when we take care of each other when faced with evil’s ugly head. The Los Angeles Times also wrote an article about the attack on this train in France. Again, praises for these positive heroes are given and with these praises come hope for a future of compassion around the world.

Japanese engineer invents ‘car in a bag’

A Japanese company has invented what it calls a “car in a bag,” and could be a personal transportation device, according to a story on Yahoo news by Reuters.

The company is Cocoa Motors and released the product recently in Tokya. The “Walk Car” is about the size of a laptop and looks a little like a skateboard. It weighs less than six pounds and can be easily carried when not being ridden.

It can carry a person who weighs up to 265 pounds, and the developer said it could be used to pull a wheelchair. The device run smoothly over flat surfaces and can go just over 6 miles per hour. In its present state it will carry a person 7.4 miles between charges. It runs on lithium batteries.

The device can fit into a book bag, just like a laptop, when not in use. Developers said the idea came from studying electric car control systems.

“I thought, “what if we could just carry our transportation in our bags, wouldn’t that mean we’d always have our transportation with us to ride on?” and my friend asked me to make one, since I was doing my masters in engineering specifically on electric car motor control systems,“ inventor and Twenty-six-year-old Kuniako Satoe told Reuters.

The Walk Car is set to go on sale in Japan in the fall, and will cost around $800. Shipping is expected to begin next spring. He is looking for crowdsource funding to get the device mass marketed.

In a BBC article, Satoe said often things are invented in the United States and improved on once they reach Japan. He said he wanted to show the world that the Japanese can also invent devices.

The walk car starts running when a person steps on it, and stops when a person sets off. A rider can switch directions by shifting his or her body weight on the device.

Joseph Bismark — Bringing Spirituality into Marketing

One of the main purposes for Joseph Bismark in business is to show his employees that business and spirituality can work when combined together. Joseph Bismark is a very spirited and positive person who serves on the Board of Directors for QI Group of Companies. He has been able to raise them to the top of the ladder while working with them by showing them his ways of bringing spirituality and business together as one. He is a wonderful and powerful entrepreneur who has helped millions make a profit by using the way he combines business and spirituality together with his many business ideas. He firmly believes that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” and carries this belief with everything he does.

Joseph Bismark became a monk up in the mountains of the Philippines at the small age of nine, leaving his home and family and all their luxuries to live the life of a monk and take the name Japa das. He then began his life’s journey and lived in an ashram until he became seventeen years of age. When he returned home, he decided he wanted to enter into the corporate arena and share what he had learned in the business world. He joined the world of business and used everything he had learned and that led him to be a successful businessman. Joseph Bismark took over the position of Managing Director of the QI Group of Companies in late 2008 and then went on to start the business he called Qnet.

He then started the RHYTHM foundation which became a company that helped lead them into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) part of the company. He believes in the strength of team work and believes very strongly in his visions. He believes that the power to be successful is inside of everyone and that all each person needs is someone to reach out to them or encouraging them to push and succeed. He is a man who understands what it takes to run a business and he wants the people in his company with the company and him. The qualities he has have made him very popular within Qnet in and a large number of his employees sing his praises.

Joseph Bismark has become very successful while still being able to maintain his simple way of life, his humility and the way he keeps himself grounded, he has been able to be successful without changing any of his core values. He believes a healthy lifestyle and has passed that onto the employees he works with. He feels that success is a temporary thing; that his state of mind has allowed him to be able to stay positive and be able to think ahead of others in the business game. He treats all of his employees with the respect he feels they deserve and encourages an atmosphere of family and brotherhood. He is a true source of inspiration to millions of people all over the world.

His tries to always make sure that when expressing his attitude, thoughts, and actions that they always reflect what he learned when he lived in the ashram when he was young. He wants to teach people that success is not measured just by the material things you acquire but also by your spiritual awakening, inner peace and your very meaningful, selfless service to others. His entrepreneurial spirit shows with his ties to many different organizations and his endless devotion, time, and effort when working with the RHYTHM foundation. While currently living in Singapore, Joseph Bismark continues to teach his beliefs and experiences to everyone he deals with by expressing his teachings with books, his blogs, and plenty of hard work.

To find out more about his beliefs, his spiritual awakening, inner peace and a very meaningful, selfless service to others, and his reflections on life, visit his blog

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The Business Leader with a Spiritual Touch, Joseph Bismark.

Every business owner’s dream is to be successful and climb to the summit of the corporate ladder. This task is difficult to achieve and takes more than just hard work. It requires patience and a positive mind set. Every business owner has a different ideology on how to operate his business and Mr. Joseph Bismark is no exception.
The versatile and talented Joseph Bismark is a business guru and entrepreneur. He lives by the mantra “Change the game, do not let the game change you”. He has changed the corporate game by proving that business works better, when spirituality is applied. He believes that when you use your spirituality, you are able to create an environment that is conducive for growth. Such an environment is an inspiration to employees as they recognize the need for working together in a cordial relationship and peaceful co-existence. Bismarck learnt this philosophy at a tender age of nine when he left his comfortable and luxurious life to go stay in an ashram with monks. This ashram was located in the Philippines Mountains. He stayed there for many years and eventually left the ashram at the age of seventeen.
Armed with the spirituality lessons, Joseph Bismark joined the world of business. He attributes his successful climb in the corporate world to the spirituality lessons, which helped him view business in a different way. He believes that succeeding in business is possible provided an individual believes in the peaceful ways of working and brotherhood. Bismark was instrumental in co-founding the QI group of companies in 1998 using his spiritual business practices. Later in the year 2008, he successfully became the managing director of the company.
Owing to his believes in spirituality, Bismark has been able to make strides in the business front. Besides co-founding QI, he also co-founded the RHYTHM foundation. This foundation is considered as the corporate social responsibility wing of the main company. Bismark promotes spiritual growth through this foundation by spending time at the center and planning diverse activities while at the foundation.
Without changing his core principles or his character, Bismark is able to live a successful life but in his eyes, it is a simple life. The family man has gained reputation for treating his colleagues and employees as equals. He instills the benefits of teamwork and its strength to his employees. Bismark asserts that every person has the ability to be successful. In order to prove his argument he leads from the front by providing that bridge in the form of being an inspiration to his employees.
Since he took up the managing director role in 2008, Bismark has improved the company’s reputation locally and internationally. His immense contributions to the QI group of companies have seen the company grow and expand to different continents of the world. He is responsible for the organic and wellness foods that are manufactured by the QI Company. His style of management makes him unique and different from other business moguls. He encourages other corporate bosses to incorporate spirituality in their business practices. The aspect of spirituality serves to boost productivity and growth of both the employees and organization.
Joseph Bismark is more than just an entrepreneur; he is a yoga instructor, a bonsai master and renown Vedic philosopher. He is also a philanthropist who dedicates his time and money to worthy causes. His interests include reading and martial arts. He is an avid follower of the absolute truth and he deeply loves the Lord. Currently, Bismark is based in Singapore where he oversees the company while inspiring people with his books and blogs.
Bismark has a wealth of experience in business and spirituality. He believes that other leaders should embrace spirituality with the view to enhancing their organizational success. By following the principles of spirituality, peaceful coexistence within different organizations is achievable.

The Spiritual Tycoon – Joseph Bismark
Joseph Bismark is a Singapore-based Co-founder of the Ql Limited which was founded in 1998. Joseph Bismark was an instrumental person in the establishment of a strong foundation for the Company. He took over leadership as the Managing Director since December 2008. He is a very endowed, flexible and energetic leader. He abides by the code that “everybody has the ability to do amazing things and that all they need is that first push.” His vision has facilitated in marketing the company’s brand and image among its wide range of customers.

Along with Vijay Eswaran, he manages the company with an open and very highly advice-giving administration style. This style is fastened around the code of belief of his Vedic viewpoints. He advocates for healthy living and he is the main reason why his company focuses on wellness and plant foods. He also happens to believe in spiritual growth and is therefore responsible for the activities of the RHYTHM foundation which is also an arm of the Ql Group.
Mr. Bismark left the comfort and luxury of his home at a very tender age of nine to become a monk in the mountains of the Philippines where he stayed until he was seventeen. He then joined the corporate world thereafter but had the principles he learnt in ashram with him. His work is the real evidence that truly spirituality and business can work as a concrete group. He knows what it takes to run a business having being in business industry for more than 15 years and he wants people to grow alongside him and his trade. He also promotes for team building and being focused on his vision. His very many qualities has made him a dear among the employees of the Ql Group of companies with most of them singing his praises.
He is grounded in nature, humble and has a very simple way of living. He has had a taste of success but his values have remained unbroken. He accept as true that success is typically very temporary a state and he believes in positivity and a forward way of thinking rather than getting comfortable with a little taste of success. He is a staunch advocate for respect and the spirit of comradeship. This has made him a great motivation among many people around the world. His actions prove that success is not only measured by the amount of material thing you own but also spiritual growth, peace of mind and significant selflessness.
Joseph Bismark has inspired many new entrepreneurs through his blog Gems of Wisdom. Through this blog he talks about his thoughts and reflections about life. He believes that that the physical body does not define who we are but rather we are defined by understanding our identity as spirit souls.
The business industry as we all know can be very difficult, competitive and demanding. Climbing up the ladder is a big dream that not many get to achieve. What many fail to put into consideration is that to run a successful business a lot of other things matter rather than material things. They fail to put consideration into the unified environment, peace of mind, spirituality and enhancing the spirit of brotherhood that are more essential. Joseph Bismark has however proven that corporate success and spirituality are to go hand in hand if one is to achieve ultimate success. He has lead the Ql Group of companies to great lengths of success by being inventive, self-motivated having a persistent spirit and of course being spiritual. He has managed to catch the eyes of the world with his new approach to business and very highly dynamic and profitable ideas.