Reclaiming Wellness with Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark likely isn’t a household name, at least not quite yet. Bismark is the Managing Director of QI Group and he has been in the position for the better part of the last seven years. His work has been lauded thanks to his energetic approach in the office while his work outside of the office, focusing on health and wellness, has made him something of a guru. In fact, Bismark is getting enough attention that he got brought in for a feature on asPire Magazine, recently reported by Yahoo News.

Looking at last month’s profile on Joseph Bismark, you’ll see a serene man who is comfortable in his skin and more than comfortable working it until he sweats. Bismark told asPire Magazine that it is his dedication to mental and physical well being that allows him to keep going even when times are stressful and he is mentally drained. Bismark said that he believes in the “importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can.” Looking at his day to day routine it is easy to see that Bismark lives by that belief and that commitment. Let’s look at a few ways that Bismark keeps his body and mind in the right place.

To start, Bismark likes to focus on keeping his mind and his body in a flexible shape that allows them both to adapt to new situations as they arise. This means that Bismark focuses extensively on practicing Yoga and various cardio based exercises such as running, cycling, and even swimming. Bismark told writers at asPire that he “walks the talk” by focusing on “yoga asasnas, cycling, and swimming.”

Yoga, in fact, is such a way of life for Bismark that he is already considered a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark has focused on learning the ins and outs of the physical meditation and he is always ready with a book suggestion to to those that want to learn. His most recent book was “Anatomy of Yoga” by Dr. Abilgal Ellsworth because the title focused on diagrams, explanations, and work for both breathing and focusing on your spine. When he isn’t reading about Yoga he is practicing it with a SoundClound account that is uploaded with mantras and chants.

What Bismark does outside of the office, focusing on his well being, helps to impact the work he does inside. His commitment to physical, mental, and spiritual health has been an instrumental tool in his success.