Facebook in Process of Creating a Dislike Button

Facebook to create a dislike button

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that a dislike button will be soon in the works for the popular social media website. He made this announcement during the company’s Q&A session which took place on Tuesday, September 15th.

According to yahoo.com, he said the use of a “dislike” button would be used primarily for sad posts — deaths, crises, and other negative everyday life situations faced by the website’s users.

“What they really want is the ability to express empathy,” Zuckerberg said Tuesday of creating the functionality. “Not every moment is a good moment.”

Zuckerberg has also said that the dislike button has been in the development stages for a while now. At first the company didn’t want to create the button because it would stir up negative reactions from users.

Zuckerberg said that it was not easy creating the button, but Facebook has come up with a strategy that it will soon begin testing.

The new button won’t simply be called “dislike” though. Instead, according to The Evening Sun, Facebook will unleash a “sympathize” button or even a series of buttons that are meant to convey support to others status messages.

Facebook did not have a statement to share in regards to Zuckerberg’s comments about the future dislike button that will be soon be accessible on every Facebook user’s page.

Zuckerberg, who has been named the most powerful man in business as well as in the media by Vanity Fair magazine, has been holding meetings on a daily basis. He says it gives him the opportunity to update Facebook on its current programs, services, etc.

Mr. Zuckerberg is set to have another town hall meeting with a guest—Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi later on this month. Facebook will livestream the interview on both Zuckerberg’s page, in addition to Modi’s page as well.

The dislike button is a great concept because people have been wanting this for years and plus they will be able to express sympathy to others who are either having a bad day, lost a loved one or is going through a bad crisis. Besides, the current like feature on Facebook is only appropriate if a person like’s someone’s status, post, link, picture, etc.


Bravery Halts Terrorism on a French Train

In a world that is sometimes harsh and violent, I enjoy finding news that shows the inner strength and bravery in people around the world. Last week, there was a very good example of these positive traits during an event when a man tried to take a train hostage. Four train passengers, who were three Americans and one British man by nationality, foiled the terrorist’s attempt when they stopped him in his tracks by taking control of his assault rifle and restraining him before he could harm the train’s passengers. I see this as a true act of bravery and selflessness by these men whose actions assuredly saved many lives.
I am definitely not the only one who feels a great sense of appreciation for these valiant men. The President of France, François Hollande gave these four men the highest honor, which is called the Legion d’honneur. The BBC News articlehighlights the ceremony as well as the train terror attack. Hollande graciously thanks these brave men and goes on to explain, “The whole world admires your bravery. It should be an example to all of us and inspire us. You put your lives at risk in order to defend freedom”, in a quote included in the article.
This statement sums up my thoughts about these courageous men as well, especially in an era where too many people do not help others in need.
All people, regardless of race, nationality, religion or ethnicity, need help at one time or another. As a member of the human race, I feel it is my duty to help others when it is possible, and I believe these brave men must have the same thought process. They saw the danger at hand, but chose to protect the others on the train while putting themselves in harm’s way. Unfortunately, and more often than not, this does not occur.
Many people in the world are only out to save themselves, and that was probably what the Moroccan terrorist was hoping would occur on this French train. Now, we all know that was not the outcome, and can all see how positive our world looks when we take care of each other when faced with evil’s ugly head. The Los Angeles Times also wrote an article about the attack on this train in France. Again, praises for these positive heroes are given and with these praises come hope for a future of compassion around the world.

Japanese engineer invents ‘car in a bag’

A Japanese company has invented what it calls a “car in a bag,” and could be a personal transportation device, according to a story on Yahoo news by Reuters.

The company is Cocoa Motors and released the product recently in Tokya. The “Walk Car” is about the size of a laptop and looks a little like a skateboard. It weighs less than six pounds and can be easily carried when not being ridden.

It can carry a person who weighs up to 265 pounds, and the developer said it could be used to pull a wheelchair. The device run smoothly over flat surfaces and can go just over 6 miles per hour. In its present state it will carry a person 7.4 miles between charges. It runs on lithium batteries.

The device can fit into a book bag, just like a laptop, when not in use. Developers said the idea came from studying electric car control systems.

“I thought, “what if we could just carry our transportation in our bags, wouldn’t that mean we’d always have our transportation with us to ride on?” and my friend asked me to make one, since I was doing my masters in engineering specifically on electric car motor control systems,“ inventor and Twenty-six-year-old Kuniako Satoe told Reuters.

The Walk Car is set to go on sale in Japan in the fall, and will cost around $800. Shipping is expected to begin next spring. He is looking for crowdsource funding to get the device mass marketed.

In a BBC article, Satoe said often things are invented in the United States and improved on once they reach Japan. He said he wanted to show the world that the Japanese can also invent devices.

The walk car starts running when a person steps on it, and stops when a person sets off. A rider can switch directions by shifting his or her body weight on the device.

Preparing for Disaster on the West Coast

If you’ve followed any kind of scientific news for the past decade or two, you know that there is the possibility that a large earthquake could hit the west coast. The likelihood that this happening soon is even more evident as there have been reports that activity might be picking up in the area. There is a fault line several miles long that stretches from Oregon to California. This fault line could be the defeat of the west coast if there were to be a significant earthquake that occurs. 

Picture a peaceful day when everything seems normal. Suddenly, buildings begin shaking, cars start leaving the side of the road, and bridges begin to collapse. That’s what could happen if a large earthquake hits the area. The questions isn’t if it will happen. The questions is when it will happen. There have been several small earthquakes, possibly leading up to the large event. Areas of the west coast see seismic activity every day. This is to prepare residents of the coast for something so extraordinary that it has only been seen in movies. 

This is a time when researchers and officials need to prepare. They need to have emergency preparations in place before the earthquake strikes so that as many people as possible can be helped. There could be a tsunami as a result of the earthquake. Roads could open up, swallowing cars. Pieces of land could separate. You’ve likely seen this kind of event in a movie, but it’s something that will occur in the United States at some point as fault lines remain active. Thousands of people could die, and the structure of the west coast could change. All that anyone can do now is prepare and ensure that they have a place to go that is away from the coast.

Obama Holds Press Conference to Defend Iranian Nuclear Deal

Over the past few weeks, international talks between Iran and the United States have finally come to a nuclear agreement. This has also included other negotiators from five key nations. Today, President Obama outlined this agreement in a press conference. He was joined by Vice President Joe Biden and members of the national security team.

In order to have an official agreement with Iran, Obama and his team need the support of Congress. His defense was laid out today in the press conference. During the negotiations, there has been opposition by both political parties in Washington. During his speech, the president asked if anyone else had any better solutions that the one that is being proposed. He denounced a reporter’s question regarding a concern about abandoning American prisoners in Iran. Obama stated that war may be the only solution if this nuclear agreement was not approved. He said that he keeps hearing that the agreement is a “bad deal”.

The Republic majority has already voiced their objection to the Iranian deal. Many of them are skeptical that such a deal would make any improvements with shaky situations in the Middle East. They are not sure Iran would keep to their bargain and only use nuclear technology for peaceful production of energy. Such skepticism was being quoted from the House Speaker’s office. Even more worrisome to Obama’s defense is that several high-level members of his own party have expressing their pessimism over the agreement.

As written, this agreement is in the form of a quid pro quo. If the United States will lift hefty sanctions that have been placed on Iran for decades, then Iran will agree to minimize their nuclear program. They will agree to use any nuclear research and development for energy sources. Skeptics point out that Iranian-sponsored terrorism can still be possible and they would have more ability to build a bomb and possibly not honor their agreement. Obama conceded that there were still issues, but no agreement is going to completely fix everything. Congressional attempt to foil the negotiation work would be met with a presidential veto, Obama warned.

The only pause President Obama took on the Iranian subject was to quickly address sexual allegations that have been rallied against actor/comedian Bill Cosby. He was firm in his conviction that using a drug to disarm someone for non-consensual sex is rape and that is how any civilized nation would fell, he stated. 
The majority of this press conference still dealt with the nuclear agreement. It was also reported that Vice-President Biden was working with his Democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives to back the President and the international negotiators by approving the deal. 

There was a lot of world reaction to the president’s defense. Israel, which has had a long history of bitter relations with Iran, is skeptical most of the agreement. Leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worry that such deals with Iran could still allow them to build an atomic bomb. There is also no assurance that Iran will stop backing terrorism in neighboring Middle East nations, like war-torn Syria.